Courtney Rene


Courtney Rene is an author, focusing on paranormal as a primary genre. Courtney has written for magazines, trades, anthologies and novels. Courtney released her 5th novel, Shadow Fire, in late 2014. Her 6th book, the much-anticipated second book in to A Howl in the Night, is due later this year. 

Courtney has been writing for many years, but first became published in 2010 with the very first book in the Shadow Dancer series, Shadow Dancer. Courtney writes for her two teenage daughters and takes residence in Ohio with them and her husband.

Courtney's published work includes:

  • Shadow Dancer (2010)
  • A Howl in the Night (2012)
  • Shadow's End (2012)
  • Shadow Warrior (2013)
  • Shadow Fire (2014)

Copyright Courtney Rene 2010. All rights reserved. 

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